Give a Gift to Your Church for Christmas

New Zion is a family of believers and we are excited to celebrate this Christmas 2015 by giving gifts to support our life as a church. Members have compiled a wish list of items that the church needs. Show your love for New Zion by donating or pledging to purchase a gift.ribbon

Contact us to give!

955 Oliver Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana
 (317) 423-2888 |
Items Number Needed Donation Received
Paper plates 3@192  1 of 3 donated
Fire extinguisher 2
Microwave oven 1  Dec. 14
Hand mixer 1  Dec. 14
20 quart roaster 1
Large Deep Fryer 1
Baking Sheets 3
13 quart Stainless Mixing Bowl 1
20 qt Stockpot 1  Dec. 14
Large Griddle 1
5.5 qt Stockpot 1
Chafer 2  1 of 2
Aprons 5
Fatigue Mats 4
Tables 12 Dec. 1
Chairs (96) 96 Dec. 1
Heaters (2) 2  Dec. 14
Carpet (Main Lobby and Hallways)  5% donated towards goal
Tile for Front Door Entry way
Carpet for Army of Praise Room
Media Desk 1
Industrial Extension Cords 3
Power Strips 6
Window Blinds 7
Wing Back Chairs 2
Security Cameras System 1
Pantry Shelf (5 Shelves) 1
Small Laptop Computer 1
Industrial Trash Cans 3
Broom & Dust Pan Sets 2  Dec. 14
Vacuum Cleaner 1
Paint (gallons) 6

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