Keeping Up with New Zion

New Zion is a busy place. We have a small group and an activity for everyone. Annual events include a Black History celebration, a picnic, Easter and Christmas programs.

In 2017 we are initiating an ongoing effort to address social justice concerns in our communities.

For a weekly and daily updates, look for “New Zion Community Church” in the app store for your phone.

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Give a Gift to Your Church for Christmas

New Zion is a family of believers and we are excited to celebrate this Christmas 2015 by giving gifts to support our life as a church. Members have compiled a wish list of items that the church needs. Show your love for New Zion by donating or pledging to purchase a gift.ribbon

Contact us to give!

955 Oliver Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana
 (317) 423-2888 |
Items Number Needed Donation Received
Paper plates 3@192  1 of 3 donated
Fire extinguisher 2
Microwave oven 1  Dec. 14
Hand mixer 1  Dec. 14
20 quart roaster 1
Large Deep Fryer 1
Baking Sheets 3
13 quart Stainless Mixing Bowl 1
20 qt Stockpot 1  Dec. 14
Large Griddle 1
5.5 qt Stockpot 1
Chafer 2  1 of 2
Aprons 5
Fatigue Mats 4
Tables 12 Dec. 1
Chairs (96) 96 Dec. 1
Heaters (2) 2  Dec. 14
Carpet (Main Lobby and Hallways)  5% donated towards goal
Tile for Front Door Entry way
Carpet for Army of Praise Room
Media Desk 1
Industrial Extension Cords 3
Power Strips 6
Window Blinds 7
Wing Back Chairs 2
Security Cameras System 1
Pantry Shelf (5 Shelves) 1
Small Laptop Computer 1
Industrial Trash Cans 3
Broom & Dust Pan Sets 2  Dec. 14
Vacuum Cleaner 1
Paint (gallons) 6
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New Zion Youth Connection Conference, Aug. 21-23, 2015

New Zion will be hosting its first Youth Connection Conference: August 21-23, 2015.

Please come out and support our church as we help the youth (ages 11-18) from different churches connect with Christ in their everyday life as they face many challenges and obstacles.

Schedule of events:

Friday, Aug 21

5:30-6:00         Dinner
6:00-6:10         Devotion
6:10-7:00         Open discussion forum
7:00-7:30         Rev Brent Barnett

Saturday, Aug 22

9:30 –  10:00  Continental breakfast
10:00 – 10:45  workshop A/B
10:50 – 11:35  workshop A/B
11:45 – 12:15  Lunch
12:15 – 12:50  team building exercise
1:00  –  1:45  workshop C/D
1:50  –   2:30  workshop C/D

Dealing with Law enforcement   (A)
High school Life   (B)
Living in a world that has forgotten about Christ    (C)
Learning to Love yourself   (D)

Sunday, Aug 23

Hip Hop Sunday with the youth of New Zion leading the worship service.

The young dynamic, spirit filled preacher Brent Barnett will be the guest speaker

Please contact Jayson Harvey (or get in touch with us at New Zion) for more information.

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Help us Meet our Transportation Needs

New Zion was in need of transportation to further its mission to spread the gospel and serve the spiritual needs of our congregation and beyond.
church vanIt is our pleasure to announce our beloved church has been blessed by a member who has donated a 16 passenger mini-bus (photo pictured above).  With this bus our church will have accomplished one of its long term goals of increasing active participation of current members who do not have transportation to church.  The addition of this bus will also allow the church to facilitate attendance at activities, events and programs.

To fully realize our blessing there is $1,900 worth of repairs, maintenance and upkeep that must be completed before the bus will be fully operational and safe.  Therefore, the Parish Life Council is asking all members to please make a sacrificial offering beginning August 23, 2015.  Please place your offering in the envelope marked “Church Bus”.  We pray the bus will be ready for use by Sunday, September 6, 2015.

If you have any questions Please contact Dinicia Hill or Stan Whittlesey.

Yours in Christ,

Robert Harvey
Senior Pastor

Stan Whittlesey
President, Parish Life Council

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Growing in Christ Everyday

We are glad to report that we have moved into our next building! 955 W Oliver St., Indianapolis, Indiana. We look forward to what God has planned for us as we grow at this location. Come visit with us and see how God continues to bless our congregation. We welcome all visitors in God’s love.

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Using our Gifts

I know we have some talented people in our congregation. We need photos and graphics for our new website and Facebook accounts.

For banners here are a few ideas I came up with. As you can tell, I’m not a designer. Any favorites? Any ideas? – Jere

Banner 1

NZCC Banner 1

Banner 2

NZCC Banner 2

Banner 3

NZCC Banner 3

Banner 4

NZCC Banner 4

Attempt at a logo

NZCC Shield

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First Service as New Zion Community Church

Join us on Sunday, September 1st at 10 AM for our first service as New Zion Community Church at:

Hilton Indianapolis North
8181 North Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis
[Google Map]

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